Developed for OPL laundries where exhaust ducting is directed out toward high pedestrian traffic areas, landscaped areas, and close to HVAC equipment, Wall Hugger series filters keep the property aesthetically free of lint. Filters are installed over duct penetrations on outside walls. Wall Hugger series is unique to the Energenics product portfolio and range in capacities of 3,500 cfm to 14,000 cfm.

Using a configuration exclusive to the Energenics product line, the Wall Hugger dry lint filter employs an exterior application designed to mount directly over the exiting ducts. Historically, hotels have placed on-premises laundries (OPL’s) behind the reception desk, with dryer exhaust venting to the front or sides of the facility. This often results in dryer exhaust venting across pedestrian walkways and a lint mess in hotel landscaping and parking lots. The Wall Hugger series mounts high above the sidewalk, eliminating those issues.

WallHugger Lint Filter | Energenics Corporation

Prevent equipment damage, unsightly mess, and potential fire from excessive lint bypass.


  • >98% of Lint Filtered and
  • Prevents HVAC Equipment
    Damage from Lint Exhaust
  • Meets EPA Standards for
    Particle Emission to the Air
  • Reduces Fire Hazard
  • Maintenance Free Design


  • Lint Collection Outside of the Dryer
  • Preset Dryer Back Pressure Controlled Automatic Blow Down
  • “Lint Blaster” Compressed Air Blow Down
  • UL Controls
  • Noncorrosive Fiberglass and Aluminum Construction for Long Life
  • Non-Stick “Black Fiberglass” Interior Surface Prevents Lint Build Up within the Filter
  • Fine Mesh Filter Screen


  • Easily Retrofitted to Existing Site
  • Mounts Flush with Side of Building Over Existing Duct Penetrations
  • Filters are Painted to Match Existing Color Scheme


Wall Hugger Operating Principals Illustration 1 of 2 | Energenics Corporation Dry Lint Filters
  1. Lint is exhausted from the dryer(s) through the wall and collects on the screen.
  2.  At pre-set back pressure, determined by dryer exhaust CFM, compressed air is released. The compressed air activates the rotor and automatically “blasts” the lint off the screen.
  3.  Lint drops by gravity into the lint bag.
Wall Hugger Operating Principals Illustration 2 of 2 | Energenics Corporation Dry Lint Filters

Energenics is widely regarded as a leading player in lint management, having developed over 10,000 commercial dryer lint filters and thousands of indoor air filtration devices. Our product portfolio includes UV light and chemical technologies that are utilized for disinfecting surfaces involved in processing healthcare textiles. Working closely with competent manufacturers and equipment distribution partners, we strive to deliver unparalleled levels of cleanliness while reducing laundry operating costs.

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